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An Autumn Moment - painting
An Autumn Moment

Elemental #2 - painting
Elemental #2

Emerging and Changing - painting
Emerging and Changing

For A Single Day #2 - painting
For A Single Day #2

Water Dance - painting
Water Dance

La Vie en Quercy - painting
La Vie en Quercy

Escarpment - painting

Field of Quercy - painting
Fields of Quercy

Muskoka Reds - painting
Muskoka Reds

Marsh On The Bruce#2 - painting
Marsh On The Bruce #2

Seeing My Garden #5 - painting
Spring Escarpment

France, L'Imageniare - painting
France, L’Imaginiare

Apple Hill - painting
Apple Hill

Summer Escarpment - painting
Summer Escarpment

Vintage Rural - painting
Vintage Rural

Ontario Gold - painting
Ontario Gold

After a Day of Hot Sun - painting
After a Day of Hot Sun

Woodland - painting

Sunswept #2 - painting
Sunswept #2

The Grand Season - painting
The Grand Season

Light Glow On A Northern Shore - painting
Light Glow On A Northern Shore

River Edge - painting
River Edge

Break Up and Disturbance - painting
Break Up and Disturbance

Sunswept #2 - painting

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