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My work has always been derived from nature----the "big" landscape and the perennial garden. Panorama, high horizons, undulating forested hills, fields, strips of land, water and sky are all thematic images I have favoured. The diversity and variety that I hope to bring to these themes has been informed by travel---widely in Canada and the U.S. and with more poignant focus trips to Europe and Southeast Asia.

In the garden works, the feeling of being engulfed and surrounded by the sensuousness of the garden has been a theme of ongoing interest. I am inspired by the experience of tending my own perennial garden and by observing some of the most grand and most modest of gardens in Europe.

While I use recognizable imagery or subject matter in my work-everything-the memory, the drawing, the actuality of a place or setting is filtered, distilled in my imagination and submitted to the power of the evolving painting. For in the end, it is the drama of colour, light and form, the mood and atmosphere, or the very essence of this moment in time and place that is my goal.

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