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Deep Into Summer - painting
Deep Into Summer

High Summer At Giverny - painting
High Summer At Giverny

Poppy Enclave-Pathway Series #5 - painting
Poppy Enclave-Pathway Series #5

Just Around The Bend - painting
Just Around The Bend

Seeing My Garden #6 - painting
Seeing My Garden #6

The Portuguese Garden - painting
The Portuguese Garden

Water Iris Blue - painting
Water Iris Blue

Red Garden - painting
Red Garden

Tulipa - painting

Spring Fest - painting
Spring Fest

The Garden Border - painting
The Garden Border

Meadow Garden - painting
Meadow Garden

Intimate Garden - painting
Intimate Garden

White Dance - painting
White Dance

Phantasmal - painting

Garden-Lyrics - painting
Garden Lyrics

My Spring - painting
My Spring

Wisteria Wild - painting
Wisteria Wild

The Integral Garden - painting
The Integral Garden

Giverney Inspired - painting
Giverney Inspired

Spring Escarpment - painting
Seeing My Garden #5

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